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Improved Filter Aid and Filter Media for Separation of Solid Proteins from Dissolved Proteins


Separation of precipitated proteins from the protein solution without an advanced set up can cause direct loss of product, impacting protein recovery. There can be impact to product robustness and quality during the immediate separation step with potential consequences during the following purification processes. Additionally, these separations can require extensive cleaning of equipment.

Advanced set-ups can be achieved with better suited filter aids and filter media that reduce the loss of the target protein, which can have a large positive impact on product yield throughout the entire remaining purification and manufacturing process. Additionally, single use or easily cleanable filtration components can reduce turn-around time for the equipment as well as reduce energy and materials required for cleaning.


Customer seeks to reduce product loss during solid: liquid separation of protein solutions. Targeted losses are for both the precipitate and filtrate.

Key Success Criteria

The solution must:

  • Be applicable to plate and frame filter press set-up
  • Meet regulatory and safety requirements for upstage pharmaceutical manufacturing

The client is interested in a measurable increase in product material, reducing equipment cleaning time, and improving sustainability.

Preferred Collaboration types

CSL and its affiliates are open to a range of collaboration types in this area.