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Methods to rapidly separate inorganic ions (salts) from protein solutions


CSL seeks ways to rapidly remove dissolved inorganic (salts) ions from protein solutions in a manner that can be coupled with current and future processes.


Methods such as chromatography and TFF require significant buffer volumes, are less adaptable to continuous processing, and can often increase cycle times. These steps also require extensive cleaning and regeneration processes, which prevent continuous equipment utilization. Being able to selectively remove inorganic ions, in a rapid manner, could allow for rapid transition from one process step to the next without having to undergo a significant processing step only required to reduce inorganic salt concentration.

Key Success Criteria
  • ≥ 80% reduction in the inorganic salt concentration
  • ≤ 5% loss of protein
  • Rapid
  • Scalable
  • Potentially Adaptable to Continuous Processing
  • Minimal Capital / Utility Needs
  • Environmentally Friendly
Preferred Collaboration types

CSL and its affiliates are open to a range of collaboration types in this area.