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Welcome to CSL’s Open Innovation Submission Portal

CSL is a leading global biotech company that develops and delivers innovative biotherapies that help people with life-threatening medical conditions live full lives. Innovation has been in CSL's DNA for more than a century. CSL has the full spectrum of strengths from research and clinical development to manufacturing and commercialization across six therapeutic areas of expertise. Our strengths enable us to accurately identify, successfully develop, and dependably deliver innovations for patients.

At CSL we believe that for innovation to be fast tracked, we need to partner with the brightest minds in the sector. We know that partnerships can accelerate innovation and delivery of new life-saving and protective medicines and we collaborate and work with external organizations that have unique technologies, assets and equipment, to address patients' unmet needs around the globe.

If you have an idea related to new products, new technologies or new advancements relating to CSL's areas of interest, please feel free to share it via the Submission Form. All submissions will be screened by yet2 and if successful, will be shared with CSL. Initial submissions should not include any confidential information.

Focus Areas

CSL is seeking new ideas in the these focus areas. Please click on the links below to find out more about these areas and our current interests.

CSL's mission is to discover, develop and deliver our innovative therapies that improve the patients' quality of life while maintaining the highest product safety standards and continually improving manufacturing effectiveness. We know that partnerships can accelerate innovation and delivery of new unique technologies, assets, and equipment, to address patients’ unmet needs around the globe. Below you will find our current interest areas where we seek innovative ideas that can improve our processes, equipment, and analytical capabilities within our three strategic scientific platforms of plasma fractionation, recombinant protein technology, and cell and gene therapies.


Novel Purification, Separation, and Recovery Technologies

Methods to rapidly separate inorganic ions (salts) from protein solutions


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Cell & Gene Therapy
Gene editing / genomics
  1. Improve insertional editing efficiencies in vivo
  2. Genetic elements enhancing regulation of cells of the immune system (e.g. promoters and enhancers)
In vivo Delivery
  1. Delivering nucleic acid templates for insertional gene editing
  2. Targeting moiety for hematopoietic stem cells
GT safety

Technologies that minimize serious adverse events from insertional gene editing

Areas not of interest
  1. Oncology (including hematological malignancies)
  2. Ex vivo cell therapy
Plasma Protein Research
Novel plasma therapeutic candidates
  1. Seeking plasma candidates aligned with CSL's therapeutic areas
  2. CSL can provide native human plasma proteins (≥ μg/L plasma concentration) for preclinical proof-of-concept studies
Novel association of plasma protein function with disease
  1. Based on healthy and patient clinical data sets aligned with CSL's therapeutic areas, or
  2. Access to patient data sets with corresponding clinical data to enable association studies to be performed
Novel methods for plasma protein purification

Protein purification systems capable of targeted purification from plasma with high purity at research scale (methods translatable to manufacturing scale will be prioritized)

Oral delivery technologies
Novel technologies that enable oral delivery of biologic therapeutics including monoclonal antibodies and large recombinant protein therapeutics

Intelligent Automation

Software robotics and workflow smoothing


Internet of things, sensors, and data enrichment

Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning, massive analytics, and data fusion control towers


Proof of work and sequence


Extended reality, computer vision, and virtual congress

3D Printing

Distributed testing and fabrication

Quantum Computing

Multi-state problem domains

Donor Experience & Engagement

Any idea related to identifying, contacting, recruiting, and retaining plasma donors

Raw Materials & Logistics

Any idea related to the movement, receipt, or procurement of supplies, equipment and raw materials

Medical Screening & Intake

Any idea related to donor data record management, and donor eligibility and suitability determination

Workflow Management

Any idea related to unit collection and processing


Any idea related to donor or unit testing and results management